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Pure Film Creative is a premium content creation company based in Los Angeles and Beijing, headed by acclaimed filmmakers James Killough and Rain Li. We bring Hollywood’s exacting standards of excellence and creative scope across all platforms and formats of entertainment, communications and advertising.

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  • James Killough

    @james_killough Aug 13
    Sexual harassment of gay men by women is pretty frequent. The lack of a physical threat from the predator tends to… https://t.co/FSa9ZZbSSW
  • James Killough

    @james_killough Aug 12
    “After one look from him, I could skip Yom Kippur." -- Saul Bellow re V.S. Naipul.
  • James Killough

    @james_killough Aug 10
    First @Delta flight in 25 years. Domestic, economy. Pretty damned good.