Pure Film Creative

Pure Film Creative (PFC) is dedicated to fully integrated, imaginative content of all kinds, from brand development to video production and beyond. We’re based in Los Angeles and New Delhi with clients in India, Europe and the US. Click on the image above or HERE to learn more about our services and how to reach us.


James Killough
Writer-director-producer James Killough is CEO and founder of PFC. He is based in L.A. and New Delhi. His full bio is HERE.

Click HERE for his show reel.  To unlock individual spots on the channel, please email him at james [at] purefilmcreative.com.


Cinematographer Rain LiRain Li is Creative Director of PFC. She is an award-winning, internationally acclaimed cinematographer and director. Her full bio is HERE.



James Tuttle is an actor/writer/fashion consultant in Beverly Hills and Hollywood, California.  His Tuttle Mode column is intended to inform on the topics of fashion and his favorite television shows, though not in that particular order, from the peculiar point of view of an Oxford-educated, polo-playing hedonist with years of experience at the world’s premiere fashion houses. So there.


Scarlett RougeScarlett Rouge is an artist who lives in Paris and Los Angeles, often in the same moment.



Eric J Baker is a writer, editor, and musician/songwriter living not far from the groves of academe in Princeton, New Jersey. His column, Baker Street, takes a comedic look at music, art, film, and television. Eric is taking forever to record an album and write a novel, and his middle initial is present to offset an otherwise abstractly symmetrical name.


Tyler Kimball is an actor-model living in Los Angeles.  His Chihuahua, Buster, isn’t at all embarrassed that Tyler is 6’2″, plays flag football and chases storms.