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Content Creation: Talking to Yourself Is...

on June 17, 2014 by

I’m on Reddit about as much as I’m on Facebook. What amazes many other Redditors is we get far more comments and…

When It’s Time to Break Up with a...

on June 21, 2013 by

I’ve been of two minds whether to write this piece for a few weeks now. Writing about relationships of any kind is…

Vanishing Facebook?

on June 7, 2012 by

Now that it’s down almost 30% after it’s opening, some analysts are predicting Facebook will go the way of MySpace. Do you…

The Evils of Seduction

on June 6, 2012 by


by James Killough

Is it love? More importantly: is it any good?  Or have you merely been seduced?

Trick or Tweet

on April 8, 2012 by


by James Killough

My good friend Shawn Riegsecker, whose unique brand of seductive enthusiasm should be patented, set a goal for me three months ago: I should have one quarter of the amount of comedian Rob Delaney’s followers on Twitter by…

L’Enfer, C’est Les Autres

on October 20, 2011 by


by James Killough

Well, it appears that I’m stupid.  Or at least not nearly as intelligent as I think I am.

That’s no surprise.  My father once asked me, after telling me my whole life what a genius I was, “Has it ever occurred…

Mark Zuckerberg Has A Small Dick

on May 12, 2011 by

Yes, this is a deliberately provocative title.  No, I have no idea how big Zuckerberg’s dick is, but with a bank account…