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C’mon, Vogue: April Issue Tackles...

on March 27, 2013 by

Gentle reader,

It’s been a while since I’ve had the time to indulge in new TV shows because Scott and I have been…

REVIEW: Mum Loves ‘Anna Karenina.’ ...

on November 27, 2012 by

There was a moment after the first ten minutes of Anna Karenina when I thought director Joe Wright had somehow confused Tolstoy…

Gender Is A Pretzel

on October 28, 2011 by


by James Killough

It seems to have been very moving for non-LGBTs to see Chaz Bono on Dancing With The Stars.  He has even persuaded the skeptical, maybe even some of those who were initially outraged that he was going to appear on…

Viggle Room

on July 23, 2011 by


by James Killough

“I used to think I had narcissistic personality disorder,” James Tuttle once commented to a post of mine on the subject.  “Then I discovered I just enjoyed being good-looking.”  Tuttle is not just good-looking.  In online parlance he is “VGL,”…

When Getting Dressed Is A Drag

on April 6, 2011 by


by James Tuttle

Gentle reader,

In deference to our non-gay readers, I shall attempt to tread rather lightly here.  Too much gay can be a frightening thing, especially in the wrong hands.  If you don’t believe me, just read Perez Hilton.

Here’s where I’m going with…

The Dreadful Truth About Mila Kunis

on February 25, 2011 by

I will admit it, I have become something of a dashboard junkie, as they say on WordPress.com, home to close to 700,000 blogs, most of which are more popular than mine.  Well, maybe I’m not a complete junkie.  Making that claim would diminish the pain and suffering of those who are true addicts struggling…