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Pure Film Creative is a premium content creation company based in Los Angeles and Beijing, headed by acclaimed filmmakers James Killough and Rain Li. We bring Hollywood’s exacting standards of excellence and creative scope across all platforms and formats of entertainment, communications and advertising. Together, James and Rain have over four decades of experience creating content for globally distributed publications, luxury brands, multinational corporations, and feature films that sweep awards at the most competitive film festivals in the world.

Q&S Shop Opens for Business

Branding Your Own Enterprise Is Tough

It’s relatively easy to write a client’s story and brand it visually. Doing it for yourself is far more difficult.

Q&S Shop is a concept-store brand extension of James Killough’s newsletter, Quibblers & Scribblers, dedicated to “spelunking the creative mind.”

Please check out the Shop. Discounts are available for both free and paid newsletter subscribers.


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