James Killough
James brings over 20 years of film, theater, editorial, fashion and advertising experience to the head of Pure Film Creative.  An award-winning writer and producer, he began his film career in India, working with directors such as Muzaffar Ali, Pamela Rooks, and Shekhar Kapur. His screenplay for Rooks’ Miss Beatty’s Children helped it win the Film Festival of India in 1993. That same yet he was the MC of the first televised Miss India Pageant, viewed by hundreds of millions around the world.

In Hollywood, he wrote and developed film projects and scores of commercials for legendary filmmakers Tarsem Singh, Marcus Nispel and the late Tony Scott, among others.  James’ directorial debut, Losing Her, was the centerpiece for the “Late at Tate” at Tate Britain for November, 2008 with a special installation in the main hall of the museum.

James’ adaptation of F. Scott Fitzgerald’s short story Winter Dreams made United Talent Agency’s Best Reads of of the Year with a rare ‘strong recommend’ from analysts. He is currently adapting a notorious true-crime story for TV, with Marcus Nispel directing and 2018 Oscar-nominee Howard Rosenman (Call Me By Your Name) producing. He is also completing a three-picture feature-film deal with his longtime collaborator Rain Li for a group of major Chinese studios. Their short film Us was viewed over 70 million times in twenty-four hours when it streamed in May, 2016 in China.

James began his work career in Paris as fashion photographer Pamela Hanson‘s assistant. After living in Australia, he trained at a boutique ad agency in New York under one of the many hard-drinking Mad Men who were the inspiration for Don Draper. James then became one of the founding editors of Taxi Magazine, which reached a circulation of half a million just when James left for his odyssey in the Indian film world.

James has created content for major brands and corporations: Citibank; Aramark; Iron Mountain; TransAmerica; Prudential; and tech-support giant iYogi. His branding for iYogi in partnership with star illustrator and muralist Tristan Eaton helped propel the company to the top if its industry sector, with over $200 million in annual turnover and 5,000+ employees. After an eight-year association creating commercials and other promotional material for iYogi and its subsidiaries, James became the company’s in-house creative director from 2015-16.

James has been published in many newspapers and magazines, including the New York Times, Travel and Leisure, and Health and Fitness. A regular guest lecturer at NYU Film School, his work is also taught at Columbia Film School by Jack Lechner (Blue Valentine). Having been called “refreshingly forthright” by Kyle Smith in The New York Post, James prides himself on successfully provoking the world’s provocateurs on a regular basis.

James divides his time between L.A., Beijing and New Delhi.

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