A Miraculous Cure for AIDS

Gay Jesus

There’s nothing like numbers to get the hyper-religious mind believing in the impossible. Must be because they sound like math and science.  Now it appears that we only need one hundred thousand ex-Gheys to cure AIDS.

Anti-gay activist Lou Engles worked an evangelical crowd into a froth recently by asking them to pray for Gheys and Lesbotrons to have a change of heart that they can trigger a miraculous cure for the disease, presumably so he can stop wearing a condom? (more after the jump):

This numbers game can get quite serious for the Christians.  Throughout history, the purist Paulician sects—strict adherents to the teachings of the schizophrenic St. Paul—were probably the wackiest of all.  The secretive Russian Paulician sect known as the Skoptsy, who were instrumental in fostering communism because they themselves live in a commune, tried to trigger the second coming of Christ by creating one hundred forty-four thousand “pure souls,” or men and women untouched by sex, which they assured by removing the genitalia and breasts of boys and girls.  They never quite made it to that number, or history might have been quite different.  Probably… not.

Many thanks to JoeMyGod for this tip.

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