A Truly Proud Mary

Gay Man Dancing Proud Mary

In honor of Pride NYC, we are posting this joyous image of a gay man hijacking a wedding with his interpretive dance impression of “Proud Mary.”

What pleases us the most is Gawker.com referring to the event as a “straight wedding.”  Even if the distinction shouldn’t be made between the kinds of weddings, it’s nice to know that it’s starting to be made at all.

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  • James Tuttle June 24, 20129:40 pm

    I’m only disappointed that he wasn’t wearing a zebra-print jumpsuit. Otherwise, it was FLAWLESS!! Also, beautifully shot and edited… are we sure it’s random wedding footage? Hmmmm.

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      James Killough June 25, 201212:24 am

      OK, so it looks like I can’t reply to comments via email like I could on the old system. Another bug added to the bug list.

      Yes, the vid appears to be genuine. The bride and friends were all commenting on Gawker. Cameras these days are shooting great stuff. That might be shot on the wedding photographer’s SLR? A 5D? All you need is good lenses, the rest is pixels at this point. And HD loves low light.

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