Buff Hobbits on Rings

Gay Gymnast

Our first reaction to this video, posted on Facebook by gay British author and columnist Paul Burtson was, “This is way too cheesy, and certainly not for the refined retinas of our readers at PFC.”    Our second reaction was to say, “What the hell—maybe just a wee peek.”  So we skimmed over it to grab the best bits, forgive the pun.  And then we let it run because it’s so 70s cheesy that we started to giggle, but so long that we sort of kept an eye on it playing in the corner while we made the bed.

It looks like it was assembled by one of those editors mysterious who creates vids to play in gay bars that have a sense of humor, of which there are quite a few; it’s often mingled in with the porn.

If nothing else, this one reminds us of just how gay gymnastics is, and gives a clue as to who might have crashed the hookup app Grindr in the first few hours the athletes arrived at the Olympic Village in London: it was probably the horny gymnastics teams.  Read more about that hilarious incident courtesy of the Peccadillo Pictures blog HERE.

Enjoy the show!

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  • Gil August 2, 20129:37 pm

    Buff Hobbits…. My favorite subject!

    • Pure Film Creative August 3, 201212:56 am

      Indeed. We need to meet that Chinese one from the abs video I saw you were watching.

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