Dickinson Saves Travolta

Janice Dickinson put Travolta’s fans’ anxieties to rest today by stating, “If you want to fuck a chicken, go fuck a chicken.” Which means Travolta hasn’t been in the closet all these years.  He’s been in a hen house.

Seriously, though, Travolta’s closet seems to be the size of a McMansion sitting by the airstrip of a gated community in Florida.  Adding credence to masseurs’ groping claims, it appears Travolta couldn’t keep his hands off his former lover Doug Gotterba’s junk.  It is sort of sad that Gotterba, like the masseurs, was repulsed by Travolta, but found his 6-year relationship with him “lucrative.”  That filthy ho.

Read more about it Chez Arianna: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2012/06/07/john-travolta-gay-relationship-doug-gotterba_n_1578178.html

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