Ferrari Yellow?

Ferrari Museum

Not being car buffs, we didn’t know until we stumbled on the new Ferrari Museum in Modena that the official color of the car company is yellow, not bright lipstick red.    Not that we thought that a mistake had been made when they painted the 3,300-square-meter aluminum roof, the first time the metal has been applied in quite this way.  We just thought they were sick of the red.

The museum is a superlative example of organic modernism that pays visual homage to the iconic car as well as to the city of Modena, not a place we’d otherwise recommend visiting, unless you’ve seen absolutely everything else there is to visit in Italy.

According to ArchDaily, designer Jan Kaplický “wanted to create a sensitive dialogue between the two exhibition buildings that showed consideration for Ferrari’s early home and underscored the importance of the museum as a unified complex made up of several elements.”  We think he’s definitely achieved it.

More from ArchDaily:

The views out of the new exhibition building dramatically frame the house and workshop, while views from outside the house and workshop immediately reveal the function and content of the new exhibition building. The height of the new exhibition building reaches a maximum of 12 metres – the same height as the house – with its volume expanding below ground level. In addition, the new building gently curves around the house in a symbolic gesture of appreciation.

Awwww.  Read more HERE(Images in the slideshow by Andrea Morgante.)


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