Hair on the Palm of His Hand


starring Tyler Kimball and James Killough

Today Tyler Kimball is in the hot seat getting run over by Killough as they slash their way through Steve McQueen’s Shame.  Killough makes it all personal, as usual.


Kimball rates Shame:

Killough rates it:

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  • James Tuttle December 13, 20119:04 am

    Well done, guys! I love that you not only watched the movie all the way through but you went the extra mile and got matching hats, too!
    Great performances and cinematography aside, it’s an interesting point that you make about this film being a one-note song. So many lately seem to be either that or the other extreme like Garry Marshall’s “New Year’s Eve” where they throw a bunch of stories at the wall and hope one sticks.
    Keep up the good work!

    • Pure Film Creative December 13, 20119:41 am

      We thought the hats gave it a sort of edgy Santa Skyping with chief elf sort of feeling, and the wardrobe department thought it was a good solution after hair and make-up were heard complaining that they were bored with nothing to do, and thinking of jumping ship to “The Daily Show.”

  • oldancestor December 14, 20119:16 am

    Welcome to PFC, Tyler. Nicely done.

    As usual for these video reviews, I’m going to comment on a film I haven’t seen. You guys captured exactly what it is I don’t like about artsy sex tragedies: What’s the point? So this super handsome guy is just so hollow inside because he lives in the big, cold city and all he gets to do is fuck attractive women all the time. Oh, how tragic. I know guys who haven’t gotten laid in 12 years. Make a movie about those poor bastards.

    Movies about sex are almost always unsexy. You know I love Cronenberg, but his Crash, for all its notoriety, is pretty dull. I just don’t like characters whose problems are manufactured.

    I’m giving Shame a “meh,” which is downright appalling of me, since I haven’t seen it. Did I spell “appalling” wrong? It looks funny. Oh well.

    I liked your sound editing in this video review, JK, especially in the beginning when you faded the music from the trailer in ahead of the picture. It caught my attention without distracting me. It was intriguing without being obtrusive. Shalom.

    • Pure Film Creative December 14, 20112:55 pm

      In fairness to Steve McQueen, many quirky chatty indie Sundance films feature some character who either can’t get laid or has some sort of sexual/relationship dysfunction. I was pleased to see the good-looking horndog represented for a change, even though the crippling angst and self-torture usually wears off by Wednesday morning once the drugs have left one’s system.

      Hanging out with people who haven’t had sex in 12 years must be depressing. Nothing an hour with a hooker couldn’t remedy.

      • oldancestor December 14, 20115:32 pm

        I’m still getting laid, so the depression is solely theirs.

      • G Alan December 24, 20111:23 pm

        That last line is priceless – and thank God for hookers!

  • TKimball December 15, 20119:59 pm

    Hey PFC! Thanks for the warm welcome.
    I had written out an in depth and fully worthy response to these comments, but somehow, perhaps a sign from God himself, it all vanished. Poof. After realizing my blank stare couldn’t salvage the situation, I’ve thrown together this shot-y retort: (Also, perhaps, a thesis statement for “Shame”)

    “I like your butt. Can I wear it as a hat?”

    Thank you all, and see you next time.

    • G Alan December 24, 20111:30 pm

      Great first review, and welcome to PFC.

      Tyler, I miss you… come over make me some mac-n-cheese! :)

      • Pure Film Creative December 24, 20111:33 pm

        Jesus… Desperate man… Nothing an hour with a hooker couldn’t cure. Ok, two.

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