I'll Have The Psycho Well Done With a Side of Aspergers, Please


starring Christopher Cramer and James KIllough

Chris and James go at each other in reviews of both Brighton Rock and Drive, which was a mistake because it made the video almost too long to post on YouTube—the minimum is fifteen minutes, just so you know next time you put up your apple crumble recipe.  There are a lot more similarities between the two films that were edited out as a consequence, and we’re not just talking genre and personality disorders.  So from now on, one movie at a time:

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HF6RRqEY29Q&w=480&h=360]


Chris rates Brighton Rock:

James rates it:


Chris rates Drive:

James rates it:


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  • oldancestor September 20, 20116:46 pm

    So Chris didn’t like Drive?

    I’m not sure I get the concept of modern noir. It’s seems like a period drama with shadows to me. True noir was more than lighting and subject matter. It was an acting style and it was contemporary, along with the setting and the hair and the clothes. They used a totally different film stock. German expressionism was still resonating.*

    That short clip from the original Brighton Rock makes me want to watch that version so much more than anything in the remake trailer. I love Double Indemnity too, and I hope no one does a remake of it.

    * God, I’m pretentious.

    • Pure Film Creative September 20, 20117:12 pm

      Everyone should see the original “Brighton Rock.” It’s noir as well as dark humor, as only the British can do it. In reality, Helen Mirren isn’t a patch on the original busybody who brings it all crashing down on Pinky’s ears, but she knows she’s in a different film, and yes you can tell just from the trailer.

      In its own way, “Drive” is the modern LA version of the original “Brighton Rock.” True noir in color. While the idea to do back-to-back reviews of these films is Chris’, you should disregard his opinion of “Drive.” He’s probably just jealous of Gosling. Why not?

      • oldancestor September 20, 20117:37 pm

        Good point. Modern noir should be set now, just like true noir was set in its time.

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