Pool Boy Politics [VIDEO]

Full Frontal Freedom

First we were shocked, then very proud.  A friend in London pinged us on Facebook asking if we’d seen Full Frontal Freedom‘s video on YouTube, which turns One Direction’s regrettably hit song “What Makes You Beautiful” into a demand for Romney to disclose his tax returns.

The shock and pride stem from the fact that bobbing around in the background and performing death-defying cartwheels into the pool is no other than PFC friend Quinn Jaxon, a young dancer who mans the front desk at Gold’s Gym Hollywood, where Tuttle and Killough work out.  But Quinn isn’t just someone we nod hi and bye to as he scans us in: He has even been on the sacred PFC hike to the Hollywood Sign, a sure sign he’s been blessed with our patronage.

We’re shocked because we never expected such a radical political statement from the relentlessly genial Quinn, and proud because he is the first in our circle of acquaintances to have potentially made such an enormous impact on young voters.  “I just did it for my friend Colby,” Quinn texted yesterday.  “I’m not really political.”

You are now, baby, just by association.  And well done, you.

Here’s the vid:


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  • Matthew August 23, 20123:33 pm

    The guy with the Cello-tattooed cum-gutters is L.A. Gogo superstar (Johna)than Myers.  You can usually find him bumpin’ and grindin’ with Greg McKeon at MJ’s.

    • jkillough August 23, 20128:08 pm

      I believe they’re all “dancers.”  That would make sense, anyway.

  • Gil Alan August 24, 20121:12 pm


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