Scarlett’s Letters: Art + Fashion

Dearest James —

What to write about for my first letter to PFC? There’s so much I want to talk about. Better start with the basics. And the basics in my life are art and fashion.

As you know, I am the 80’s love child of an avant-garde artist and a visionary nomadic Hun, and was co-parented by a community of drag queens in the throes of the transgender underground punk scene. I grew up in Downtown LA’s garment district, by day playing in a forest of fabric rolls, by night dragged from one art event to the next, sometimes even hooked into absurdist art happenings in the back of alleys or seedy, smoky clubs. From then on art and fashion have not only been an education but also the currents of my life.

Since the moment I came into the light of reality, I’ve been driven to make art, whether with a brush, a concept, in the kitchen, performing on a stage or merchandizing a store. Instead of a Jack-of-all-trades imagine a princess-of-many-métiers.

So there you have it: art and fashion is in my blood, it’s my family, it’s me.

Michele Lamy

My mother, my mentor: The Hun

As you know, the art season is sweeping the globe in a tsunami of fairs and shows. So art it should be. And fashion.

Art season, fashion season. When you go to so many art fairs, the bounty of objects — many times much of what you’ve seen before ornamented with happy surprises — starts to feel like the relentless production the fashion world is known for.

What’s more, art fairs are sales events, bolstering their link to fashion weeks; it’s probably one of the most ungenerous ways to appreciate contemporary art, much like walking into a designer’s showroom is exciting yet overwhelming.

Unlike fashion, the larger portion of the art presented does not only compel an aesthetical regard, but also demands and challenges intellectualized analysis. Great work questions our philosophical framework. After an hour of staggering between booths of visual consumption, I feel quite dizzy and maybe even a bit nauseous, a kid in the candy store who has eaten more than her stomach can hold.

I am no art critic and I struggle to retain names even of the artists I like. That being said, for my first letter, I thought I’d share a few highlights that captivated or disturbed my eye; without jugement de valeur as we say in French – discomfort is often more revealing and informative then pleasure.

The fairs so far: Fiac and Paris Photo (Paris, France); Artissima and Paratissma (Torino, Italia); and a few exhibitions outside of the madness of civic centers. Exhibitions include Pierre Huyghe at the Pompidou (a must see for those planning a trip to Paris over Christmas); a selection of Pinault’s collection at La Conciergerie; Mark Handforth at Franco Noero (Torino); Andrei Molodkin show Immigrant Blood at Patricia Dorfmann (Paris).

I’ve attached some pix from my tours of the art fairs below. Enjoy!

With love from Paris,


[heading]My Art Fair Scrapbook[/heading]

1.  My fragmented self in an Anish Kapoor, Fiac
Scarlett Rouge
2.  A snapshot of American Hypocrisy, Fiac
3.  My friend and amazing artist Erlea Maneros Zabala, Fiac

Erlea Maneros Zabala4.  Self-refelctive drawing, Fiac


5.  Ai Wei Wei’s iron-tree shadow, Fiac

Ai Weiwei Iron tree shadow fiac

6.  The Axe falls on another day, Fiac


7.  Organic Manipulation = Pollution, exhibition during Fiac


8.  Flesh Manipulation, exhibition during Fiac


9.  Blues cries the soul, Paris Photo


10. Diverging Directions, Paris Photo

PFC 10

11. Exhibit Exhibition, Paris Photo

PFC 11

12. Triptych reflections in Digital landscapes, Paris Photo

PFC 12

13.Berlin Sound art, Artissima

PFC 13

14.My Parsian promenade, past and present puzzle, Artissima

PFC 14

15. Petit bateau, Artissima

PFC 15

16. Ball massage, Artissima

PFC 16

17. Chick Boy, Paratissima

PFC 17

18. Geometrical failure, Paratissima

PFC 18

19. Leftover Amazonia women, Paratissima

PFC 19

20. Burning world, and my first art fair acquisition, Paratissima

PFC 20

21. Lypo Bronze, Paratissima

PFC 21

22. Manifested nightmares, Paratissima

PFC 22

23. Marionettes at Guido Costa Gallery, Torino

PFC 23

24. Bird boy with Bee Queen in the background, Pierre Huyghe

PFC 24

25. Pink sand mountain, Pierre Huyghe

PFC 25

26. Hand prints on ice, Pierre Huyghe

PFC 26

27. Hermit crab with Brancusi shell, Pierre Huyghe

PFC 27

28. Bill Viola hold your tongue, Pinault collection

PFC 28

29. BurKKKa, Pinault collection

PFC 29

30. This old man played knick knack with his beer, Pinault collection

PFC 30

31. A study on madness, Pinault collection

PFC 31

32. 2nd study on madness, Pinault collection

PFC 32

33. Back to the Blue Ranch, Pinault collection

PFC 33

34.Capricorn candles, Mark Handforth

PFC 34

35. Capricorn electric, Mark Handforth

PFC 35

36. Mommy Dearest’s worst nightmare, Mark Handforth

PFC 36

37. Immigrant Blood, Andrei Molodkin

PFC 37

38. Man gives blood for art, Andrei Molodkin

PFC 38

39. Assassins and Ghosts, Royal Gallery

PFC 39

40. Samson and Delilah, Royal Gallery

PFC 40

41. La Belle’s empathy for the Beast, Royal Gallery

PFC 41


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  • Joel December 5, 20135:26 pm

    Atta girl

  • Formerly Eric J Baker December 5, 20138:39 pm

    Bravo! A long-overdue and welcome addition to PFC. Nice selection of pieces to show as well. Too many great ones to comment upon.

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