See Shia’s Dick Here

Shia LaBoeuf Naked

Are you proud of your favorite website in the whole wild interweb for not succumbing to the obvious headline “Shia LaBeouf in the Buff for Music Video” like everyone else?  We’re still going to play the same old video at the end of this post, of course.  But we prefer our headline.

Amazing what a little celebrity penis will do for viewings.  As of 8:45 PM PST on June 19, twenty-four hours after posting, the video has been viewed close to 800,000 times.  Let us remind you: This is an almost nine-minute video for Sigur Ros, those willfully esoteric wailing banshees of the Nordic seas, which has been described as an “extended American Apparel ad.”

If it were a big celebrity penis and it were going in and out of a Kardashian, then we would probably be seeing quadruple that amount of hits.  We also hope the music would be to Skrillex, at the very least.


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