Stylish Steel

Henry Cavill Man of Steel

We’re not huge fanboys when it comes to eagerly anticipating summer releases of superhero movies, especailly when they’re a year away and we’re aren’t even done with this season’s batch, but the early teaser for Man of Steel, from 300 director Zach Snyder, looks like nothing we’ve ever seen before…   from a live-action adaptation of a comic book.  It would seem that Snyder has taken his cue from the likes of Terrence Malick and other indie filmmakers with a lyrical visual style.  The voiceover is certainly reminiscent of one of the better Malick films.

We commend Snyder and his team for creating a teaser that is, in fact, a complete short film in itself.  We hope that the actual film will continue in this vein and not be overly laden with CGI.  Certainly Christopher Nolan’s presence as producer will see that it has a more grounded, intelligent appeal.

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