The Oct Egg

As if pathologically terrified of the ghosts from a past they almost completely obliterated during the Cultural Revolution, and perhaps also in large part to reinvent their identity with a contradictorily uniform surge of individual expression, the Chinese seem to be willing the future—their particular brand of the future—into being with a force worthy of its own creation myth.  And nowhere is that more evident than in the strange, audacious structures they are erecting.

The latest breathtaking Sino-folly is The Oct Design Museum in Shenzhen, designed by Studio Pei-Zho.  Our architecture source and muse ArchDaily says that it “focuses mainly on fashion shows, product design, and conceptual automotive shows. The goal was to create a space that is surreal to the subject matter but also transcendental in surrounding and feeling.”

Well, they sure nailed the surreal and transcendental part.  We think it’s pretty stunning.  Check out this slideshow:


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