The Thunder of Heartbreak


starring Christopher Cramer & James Killough

In an impromptu experiment, Chris and James alternately shred and build up Evan Glodell’s Bellflower in a recorded Skype conversation (change the settings on the bottom bar after it starts playing to 480p so you can see Chris’ hair better):


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Chris rates this:

James rates this:

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  • James Tuttle August 18, 201111:36 pm

    Great job, Chris and Killough! I love the new format and you’re both quite charming and interesting when arguing about films I will most likely never see.
    Top marks on the hair, Chris, but, Killough, what are you wearing in that clip? I don’t care if you have pants on but we have to make sure that your t-shirt is camera ready next time. And let’s choose martinis over cans and water bottles, people! I mean, really.
    Big kiss!

    • Pure Film Creative August 18, 201111:39 pm

      Hahahaha. And there I was concerned about Chris’s t-shirt and vest. You’re completely right, I didn’t even change after the gym. But I still love that t-shirt.

    • Brett W. Thompson August 19, 20115:01 pm

      I think it’s a wig.

      • Pure Film Creative August 19, 20115:27 pm

        I wish it were. I’d buy one just like it, except I’d look like David Lynch.

  • oldancestor August 19, 20112:41 pm

    Holy crap. No shirtless hunks!

    I shouldn’t say so without having seen the film, but I’m probaby with Chris.

    • Pure Film Creative August 19, 20113:17 pm

      Traitor. What do you think about the addition of video to the mix? Any suggestions as to what we should change (other than my t-shirt)?

      • oldancestor August 20, 201111:35 pm

        split screen?

        • Pure Film Creative August 20, 201111:40 pm

          I dunno. Someone said in an email comment that I’m so domineering that it works that I’m the smaller image, like a feisty terrier (actually, he said “like a cobra repeatedly striking the golden schoolboy”). Chris is so much more pleasing to look, too, at least from my perspective. I don’t know that you can split the screen in Skype. We’re going to try, we’re getting great feedback about it.

    • Pure Film Creative August 19, 20116:36 pm

      Chris is going to do the next review with his shirt off. His shoulders are where most of his hair is.

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