Total Annihilation Is the New Black


starring Christopher Cramer and James Killough

In the video portion that is part two of yesterday’s piece, there was so much to say about Lars von Trier’s Melancholia that didn’t make it into the review, sadly, or it would have been half an hour long.  No doubt we could have waxed even more poetic about Kirsten Dunst’s breasts, too, but we seem to have given that enough air time as it is.


What didn’t make the cut is that Melancholia isn’t just a great film, it is the anti-Tree of Life, which in the footage now lying on the editing room floor, James called “pseudo-spiritual cack.”  This is the film that should have won the Palme D’Or, not TOL.  Robert De Niro, the head of the jury this year, is clearly becoming something of a sentimental old buffoon if he couldn’t see it.

But wait: those Hitler/Nazi statements of von Trier’s at the press conference. Forgot about those. Bad taste trumps great art every time, for a time. We take that back, Mr. De Niro.  Carry on.

Oh, and James doesn’t really have jet-black eyebrows and beard, and beady, creepy eyes.  We had to increase the contrast on the video to see Chris’ face properly.

Chris rates Melancholia:

James rates it:

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  • oldancestor October 12, 20119:27 pm

    KiDu topless + Udo Kier = I need to see this movie. Kier is a minor deity to horror fans, and Dunst is weirdly sexy. She’s not achingly beautiful, but her world-weary, damaged quality makes her hot. Like she could take you or leave you, which makes you want her more. She doesn’t need your validation either, like more glamorous women do.

    Nice work again, guys. I hope this film makes its rounds in the Princeton area.

    • Pure Film Creative October 13, 20117:14 am

      I thought you would like the piece. I think it’s the best so far. We seem to be settling into a format, which is nice. Thanks for the comment.

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