Angela Ahrendts

Branding: Has Apple Just Made a Genius Move?

As any shark will tell you, you’ve got to keep moving to stay alive. One strategy companies adopt is to bring in successful creatives from completely different industries for a reboot — presumably this makes execs feel like they’re thinking out of the box. In the case of Burberry CEO Angela Ahrendts’ appointment as Apple’s new SVP of retail, this isn’t just thinking different, it’s disparate.

The immediate danger is that this game of executive ping pong between Apple and the fashion industry led to an epic fail only last year,

The Oct Egg

As if pathologically terrified of the ghosts from a past they almost completely obliterated during the Cultural Revolution, and perhaps also in large part to reinvent their identity with a contradictorily uniform surge of individual expression, the Chinese seem to be willing the future—their particular brand of the future—into being with a force worthy of its own creation myth.  And nowhere is that more evident than in the strange, audacious structures they are erecting.