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Content Creation: Talking to Yourself Is Healthy

I’m on Reddit about as much as I’m on Facebook. What amazes many other Redditors is we get far more comments and likes for our posts from strangers than we do from actual friends for our posts on Facebook. Your contributions also don’t appear directly on other Redditors’ feeds; you post by subject, or ‘subreddit’, and hope for the best. So why bother posting to Facebook at all? It lost whatever negligible cool it had long ago, after all.

Many of my friends and most of my small family have either never signed up for Facebook or have dropped away. “It’s a waste of time and distracting,” an award-winning writer-director friend, who cancelled his account well over a year ago, said to me the other day. This guy is so cool he can carry off a polo shirt and actually make me hesitate as to whether I might need one or two in my wardrobe as well. (I don’t.)

Modern Crime Dramas and the Essential Unstable Detective

There was a time when the hero detective was at most deeply eccentric; otherwise, he had ardent purpose, he was infallible, he was more brilliant than me or you — it was only a question of when and how he would solve the mystery. That’s not the case any more.

I’m not a scholar of the genre, but it would seem to me that the progenitor of the character was Sherlock Holmes,

Javier Bardem in Skyfall

I Wish I Were a Sociopath

The mental tirade that kicked off this piece began the other evening in Trader Joe’s, just after I returned from a ten-day trip for Thanksgiving in New York to visit the family.  Normally, TJ’s has far cooler than regular supermarket music, usually vintage-ish, Blondie-like bops that play on maximum rotation in your head long after you’ve left the store, until you hear something else to replace it. 

The Rouge Follies


New show this Thursday, Dec. 6

Gentle reader,

To be honest, the enchanting couple of hours spent at The RouGe FoLLiEs at Hollywood Boulevard’s King King didn’t start out so enchantingly.  First of all, as I discussed with Killough as we walked down shabby back streets to the club, I was confused about why the show wasn’t called Les Follies Rouges, which would’ve been grammatically correct if not entirely original, and also what’s with the random capitalization?  Was some artistic pretentiousness afoot?  ‘Cause you know how I hate that.