Pucci F/W 2014

Fall Forward: Women’s Fall 2014 Fashion Trends, Pt. 2

Gentle reader,

In the final phase of preparation for the top-shelf luxury Cancun trip that the folks at Nerium are sending us on, I popped into a few shops today in hopes of finding a pair of light turquoise-colored shorts that would perfectly complete my poolside wardrobe.  Even though I know that all the high-end boutiques having been carrying only the fall collections for a month or more now, I was hoping that someplace like Zara or Urban Outfitters would still have some summer clothes, especially in the midst of the flip-flop and shorts clad Saudi and European hordes that have descended upon L.A.  Alas, I walked in from the 90-degree heat to be thwarted by flannel shirts and chunky sweaters at each attempt.

Etro Men Fall/Winter 2014

Some Crazy Shit: Men’s Fall Fashion Trends Pt. 1

Gentle reader,

I apologize for yet another gap in my coverage of what’s what in fashion. In addition to settling in at my new Rodeo Drive home base, I’ve been asked to speak at several venues around Southern California in the last few weeks — I’ve somehow become a traveling attraction on the topic of anti-aging. It looks like I have a little break in touring; my next gig isn’t until August 6th at Los Robles Golf Club in Thousand Oaks.  If you happen to be in the area, stop by around seven and I’ll buy you a drink.

Fashion Over 50: Two Dames Who Got It Right

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Last week in Los Angeles was a lesson in extremes for me.  On Sunday, after back-to-back champagne brunches, Scott and I dragged ourselves over to the closing festivities of MJ’s, the gay dance bar in Silver Lake, because we thought we’d regret not being there that last day to say farewell.  As it turned out, there was no one there we knew or would even want to talk to, really.  I mean, even the go-go boy was chubby.  But the next night, I was sitting at the best table in the lovely and rather exclusive Tower Bar being treated to great wines and perfectly prepared scallops in truffle oil.  Weird, right?

It’s a bit like that in fashion these days, as well.  On Wednesday people snap things up without even looking at the price tags and then, come Thursday, it’s crickets. 

Diane Kruger

Content Creation: Too Cool to Connect?

As horrible as it feels for a perfectionist to make mistakes, I have to agree with the cliché that I learn far more from them than I do from my successes. I learn almost as much from other people’s mistakes, and I say ‘almost’ because it’s harder to assimilate an indirect experience — still, you are experiencing the mistake when you are watching or reading it,

Pheobe Philo

This Ain’t Her First Time on Rodeo: Céline Beverly Hills

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I’ve been driving past an intriguing billboard for History Channel’s Vikings plastered on the side of a building on Sunset for weeks now but have so much on my plate with work and trying to just keep up with Dallas and RuPaul’s Drag Race that I was reluctant to get involved.  Come a quiet last Saturday night at home, however, our DVR well went dry and what should we land upon but Vikings

Nosebleeds No More: The End of the Platform Shoe

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Since Scott was away on New Year’s Eve, I pulled my velvet blazer on over my plaid pajamas and spent the evening at home with my elderly widowed friend, Mrs. Clicquot.  A new year was upon us and I was thinking about what we’d be doing differently in the coming months, especially about a couple of articles that I’d read recently—one in Harper’s and the other in Vogue—that seemed to toll the death knell