Michel Gondry

La Vie en Verlan: How the French Literally Lost the Plot

Let me immediately digress onto a tangential subject that will hopefully serve as an intro to my main topic. It occurred to me the other day, when I was discussing with Scarlett Rouge the alarming fact that almost nobody in the English-speaking countries is reading contemporary French writers in translation, that there are no female auteur filmmakers. In any language. None. There currently isn’t, nor has there ever been, an autrice filmmaker, as she would be called.

I don’t consider Sofia Coppola an autrice. The only thing that distinguishes her films as her own are the willful lack of adherence to dramatic convention and the obsession with the inane antics of privileged white female teens and twentysomethings. Her niece, Gia, is doing exactly the same thing, but upping the now signature Coppola Family pretension by working with proto-wankers like James Franco. At this point in the history of filmmaking, the only place I can bear to see the Coppola name is on a wine label.

Pink Narcissus


The drip drip drip of echoic tiles. The sting of ammonia; the jargon of palimpsest doors, a hole in one, at crutch-height, in which to make your confession of a sin you can’t name. The architecture of desire awaits the future of now before revealing itself; its turrets and corners, its dark secrets.

He can’t be more than seventeen, the boy you once saw here, swaggering his boastful cock at you. The jeans are pushed to a crush at his hips, his hairless arse shining like a slaughterhouse knife.

Charles Cullen

Love Is… Never Resenting Success

Whenever a friend succeeds, a little something in me dies.” — Gore Vidal

I’ve always thought that quotation summed up Vidal to be what he was: as a bitter old queen’s bitter old queen. I was reminded of his words the other day when I had a brief private chat on Facebook with my friend Charles Graeber, author of The Good Nurse, an investigative book about the most prolific serial killer in history, Charles Cullen, which was released last week and entered at number fourteen on The New York Times non-fiction bestseller list. After his appearance on a 60 Minutes special on Sunday, as well as Charlie Rose,