Henry Cavill Man of Steel

Stylish Steel

We’re not huge fanboys when it comes to eagerly anticipating summer releases of superhero movies, especailly when they’re a year away and we’re aren’t even done with this season’s batch, but the early teaser for Man of Steel, from 300 director Zach Snyder, looks like nothing we’ve ever seen before…

The Aikiu Gay Porn Vid

Pop Goes the Porno

Vintage gay porn is something of a niche obsession in Homolandia.  It owes its revived popularity to a preference for condom-less sex and a general hipster passion for all things retro, like tapping out short stories in the vein of Henry Miller on manual typewriters.

Shia LaBoeuf Naked

See Shia’s Dick Here

Are you proud of your favorite website in the whole wild interweb for not succumbing to the obvious headline “Shia LaBeouf in the Buff for Music Video” like everyone else?  We’re still going to play the same old video at the end of this post, of course.  But we prefer our headline.