It’s Time to Start Using the F‑Word About Russia

Russia Fascist State

Ironically, Russia has had no problem using the most triggering f-word of them all: ‘fascism.’ Claiming that Ukraine needed to be liberated from a hostile Nazi regime — headed by a Jewish comedian — was Putin’s rationale for invading.

I’d like to say that it’s as if Charlie Chaplin caused Nazi Germany to invade America because of The Great Dictator, but Zelensky hasn’t been anything near as provocative as Chaplin. However, Putin is as crazy-evil as Hitler, but he doesn’t seem to have the excuse of having had meth-induced psychosis, which Hitler likely had.

The Great Dictator Charlie ChaplinThe reason ‘fascism’ can’t be applied to Putin and his henchmen with the effect and appropriateness it deserves is because Liberals/Labourites across the European and North American spectrum have rendered it trite from constant, hysterical misapplication. What happened to being doomed like Weimar Germany after Trump was elected

And yet the cowardly way pseudo-Maoist aggressions were deployed and promoted by adherents to wokeism remains unaddressed, unrepented, subjected to more pretzel twists of cognition to justify shameful, illiberal Marxist McCarthyism. Makes my ultra-liberal spirit growl and ready its lethal peashooter.

Like China over the past decade or so, Russia has now converted to a textbook fascist state: it has a dictator; freedoms that were never as deep or as broad the West’s to begin with, thanks entirely to socio-cultural assumptions and behaviors, have been curtailed to almost zero; most importantly, it hasn’t just shucked the pretense of liberal democracy within its own borders, it has attacked another liberal democracy in an attempt to subjugate it, and destroy its democratic principles, which the dictator has decreed to be unsuitable for a shared race and common nationality. In Russia’s case it’s Slavs rather than the Nazi’s Aryans.

After all, ‘slav’ is where we get the word ‘slavery.’ Imperial Russian serf culture was never properly eradicated, merely converted through rebranding. And that’s why it’s so easy for Putin to play the tsar, and the oligarchs the nobles.

In China’s case, it’s the Han people under threat from a Muslim minority from the most remote, desolate part of the country. Indeed, China is also a fascist state, even more than Russia, in my reckoning. While I agree with today’s lead article in Quillette that the onus is on China to stop the attempted occupation of Ukraine, I think it’s disingenuous to expect Despicable Xi and his Minions to intervene and demand that Russia withdraw. China’s government could’ve stopped the pandemic in its tracks, but instead blamed American biological warfare. Let’s not hold our breath for them doing the right thing with the Ukraine situation.

We should expect an exponential reaction to the alliance of two powerful, true-blue fascist states from the left, given how readily the West has applied the word to itself. The application of this f-word to Israel, for instance, a beachhead of liberal democracy surrounded by textbook fascist states that want to blow it out of existence, is beyond outrageous, not to mention nakedly anti-Semitic. Calling Jews “fascists”? Fuck off.

I can’t say whether people in the West will actually bother researching what fascism is, what constitutes a fascist state and dictator. And it might be that throwing that f-word back on Russia and China might seem like playground “what you say is what you are, neener, neener.” Doesn’t mean it isn’t absolutely true.

Rusi-Chini Bhai-Bhai

That esoteric section heading refers to a Cold War campaign that promoted India’s special relationship with China, Hindi-Chini bhai-bhai, “Indian-Chinese brother-brother.” It was subsequently readapted for Russia, Hindi-Rusi bhai-bhai. I’ve always assumed it was sly Delhi humor, a compliment that has a “fuck off” subtext: bhai-bhai is also bye-bye.

Nehru with Chinese Foreign Minister Hindi Zhou Chini Bhai-bhai

Nehru with Chinese Foreign Minister Zhou celebrating Hindi-Chini bahi-bhai

At the U.N. today, Russia picked up the lie begun by at the start of the pandemic China that America created COVID as a biological weapon. Of course, we’ll never know exactly because China refuses to allow independent forensics to discover the truth, deliberately leaving the lab-created option in play, even in America — people with more sense and education than bog standard conspiracy theorists hitting the meth pipe too often still believe it might have escaped from a lab in Wuhan. 

Russia, whose weapon of choice against dissenters is poison, escalated the lie at the UN. China backed it up by implying that the evil American empire —  that Despicable Xi and his Minions are heroically protecting their citizens from, at the cost of their freedom and civil rights — has developed and is using biological weapons in the Ukraine War. 

Every conspiracy theory needs a grain of viable truth to take root. The fact that there is a bioweapon lab in Ukraine funded by the West is unfortunate, even if its name spells its purpose as a biowarfare deterrent clearly: Biological Threat Reduction Program.

Don’t look to history for help as to where this Rusi-Chini bhai-bhai alliance is going. History doesn’t repeat. Whatever Liberals and rightwingers alike crap on about, history isn’t alive and active in the present. However, it does pay to remember that Russia infected China with the plague of communism.

All of this is unprecedented. I retain a sliver of hope this conflict will go bye-bye soon, that Putain Putin will be toppled so that true liberal democracy might sink in.

Zelensky is turning out to be a stalwart force. He’s the Jew who fought back against a new fascist alliance, the 21st century’s Axis II — if you look at the World War II Axis and compare it to the alliance between Russia and China, with everything in their arsenal and military, V2.0 is a much bigger threat.

Zelensky is the mouse that roared, to borrow the title of a satirical Cold War novel — satire isn’t inappropriate for a former comedian. I’ve never wished anyone as much success.


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