Better Lost than Found

A new reader called the PFC website “eclectic” the other day, which most magazines should be, whether digital or print.  He had changed his initial impression from “eccentric,” another ‘ec’ adjective we would own, too.  Let’s mash them together and settle for eccentrically eclectic; we have a rather junior writer taste for alliteration.  Whatever gets us read.

Just to show how we can sweep from an insider view of the Parisian fashion world right into the gutters of geek genre Hollywood (oh, there’s that alliteration thing again!) without even stopping to change outfits, we give you the trailer for V/H/S, a clever take on the found-footage horror flick.

The premise is that VHS tapes have been found that document six gruesome stories.  The segments are each directed by different directors (damn, that alliteration is so pernicious): Adam Wingard, David Bruckner, Ti West, Glenn McQuaid, Joe Swanberg and Radio Silence.  This would make it that most eccentrically eclectic of film sub-genres, the anthology film, which some of us find distracting.  But judging from the trailer, which is our preferred way of reviewing an entire film here at PFC, this actually works:

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