Bums on Bikes

World Naked Bike Ride L.A.

I said on Friday that if President Obama admitted to being an atheist any time during his second term, I would join in the following year’s World Naked Bike Ride in L.A., which I was invited to by a hipster in a bike store downtown.  It took place last Saturday.  Having seen the footage, I rather regret that I have to wait for the impossible to happen in the White House before joining in.

To be honest, I’m just being vain: I’d like to lose an extra five pounds to get my homo summer pool body in gear.  But that’s not the spirit of something like the WNBR; you just sort of muck in, slight amounts of back fat be damned.  If I remember next year, I promise to participate and take pictures for a full frontal slide show.  Then maybe the President will be humiliated into doing the right thing and will endorse civil rights for Reason.

And to the gentleman with the magnificent ass and the elephant’s head painted on his back in the video as well as the feature image for this post, kindly contact me at pfc [at] purefilmcreative.com for an important, life-enhancing opportunity.

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