Own Your ‘Goldfish Moment’

You only have a few seconds to hook 'em or lose 'em

Tick, tock!

Whether it’s a simple intro video combining text and still images or a full-on commercial, it takes a certain skill set to capture a customer’s attention in the few seconds they will give you to hook them before they forget you and move on.

At Pure Film Creative, we call those seconds your Goldfish Moment.

Your Goldfish Moment means you no longer have sixty, thirty or even fifteen seconds to make your case to customers. You have five, tops — it’s more like three.

And it depends on the generation you’re talking to. If the demo is Millennials and older, you’ve got some leeway to state your case. If it’s the up-and-coming Gen Z, you’d better snap your fingers and holla fast and furiously, or you won’t even make a blip on the panorama of tasks they’re rolling at once.

Your Goldfish Moment means your branded message is no longer a just a commercial, it’s a trailer for your brand’s biopic. As every filmmaker knows, the hook has to be front and center. It has to be captivating if not downright dramatic, instantly engaging.

The Goldfish Moment doesn’t have to be dramatic and explosive. It can be sensual and seductive as well: un coup de foudre, as the French call love at first sight, “a stroke of lightning.”

Lush lips blowing a kiss to the lens. A baby squealing with contagious delight. A hot guy winking, bright white smile. A surfer’s perfect wave rising to graze the sky. A daredevil lurching over the ledge of a high rise. The exuberant thunder of Indian wedding drums.

Image. Movement. Emotion. Turn up that G-Moment. They’ll tune in for the rest. We guarantee it.

And if you’ve read this far, maybe we’ve hooked you, too.

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