Carey Mulligan Great Gatsby

REVIEW: ‘Gatsby’ Is an Anagram for ‘Trashy,’ Somehow

[The Great Gatsby] is a purely creative work — not trashy imaginings as in my stories but the sustained imagination of a sincere and yet radiant world.”

—F. Scott Fitzgerald

If only Baz Luhrmann had taken the time to go to Wikipedia to read those lines in the abridged history of the book, maybe he would have resisted serving up the two hours and twenty minutes of ‘trashy imaginings’ that his adaptation is.

I was dragged into seeing this despite year-old misgivings (thanks to the garish trailer) by dueling reviews from entertainment writers I admire, Marlow Stern of The Daily Beast and Dana Stevens from Slate. Stern began his review

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We’re only a few weeks away before the kiddies head back to school, the fanboys back to college, and we are treated to some adult entertainment when the candidates for this year’s award season line up at the starting gate.  We were already intrigued by what Baz Luhrmann has done to The Great Gatsby,