Jane Levy Evil Dead

REVIEW: Mayhem and Metaphor in ‘Evil Dead’

If you want fans to like your horror movie, do one thing: deliver on your promise. The genre has always operated that way. If you show a guy in a hockey mask on the poster holding a machete and menacing teenage girls in bikinis, that must happen in the movie. It’s not the same for drama or action films. A Jason Statham cardboard theater-lobby display that depicts him holding a semi-automatic is not a promise. It’s an obligation.

A Bruce Campbell Story

It has become de rigueur here at PFC to lead off every other article with an image of a hunky, often shirtless, model or actor. Since blogmaster and militant gay activist James Killough decided to go with a Terry Gilliam-meets-Tetsuo look for his Devil’s Double review the other day, it falls upon me to continue the manflesh motif. Besides, my story from last week featured the movie poster for the 80s horror flick, C.H.U.D. (a clever political analogy on my part), so I guess I’m due to post some beefcake.

One of these men is not rumored to have slept with Bryan Singer to land the role of Superman, and it’s not the guy on the left.

Before I explain the pictures, I must put to rest the controversy surrounding C.H.U.D. that is tearing our nation apart. Contrary to popular belief, which was propagated by the movie poster itself, C.H.U.D. does not stand for Cannibalistic Humanoid Underground Dwellers. If you watch the film all the way through – and I may be the only person who has – you’ll discover the acronym actually means “Contaminated Hazardous Urban Disposal.” Now can we stop all this fighting?