Hugh Jakcman

REVIEW: ‘X‑Men’ Hits the Spot

I enjoyed Bryan Singer’s X-Men: Days of Future Past so much that my first reaction was to write that type of non-critique they explicitly tell you not to submit in Cinema Studies 101: “I really, really liked this movie. It was a lot of fun. Everything from the script to the cinematography to the editing was perfect! I mean, for this gender of movie, of course. And Wolverine is in a lot of it, which is awesome because he’s my fave X-Man, and he’s so badass rocking that early-70s swag!”

Indeed, this is more a spinoff Wolverine than an X-Men, although strictly speaking Hugh Jackman would need to be on screen a least fifteen percent more for it to be entirely his as the hero.

Lily Munster

Portia De Munster

In the most fun, campiest bit of casting news since Julianne Moore playing the mother in the Carrie remake, Portia Di Rossi is set to play Lily Munster in the reboot of The Munsters, written and directed by PFC friend Bryan Fuller