REVIEW: ‘Trance’ Has No ‘Memento’

That headline should be my entire review, but that would be an unkindness to a director I greatly admire, as everyone should.

By way of partial explanation for the headlines play on words, Danny Boyle’s new film owes a fair amount to Christopher Nolan’s early masterpiece Memento, also about memory loss and the disastrous consequences of its recovery, and the various clues, people and obstacles that serve as mnemonics

Henry Cavill Man of Steel

Stylish Steel

We’re not huge fanboys when it comes to eagerly anticipating summer releases of superhero movies, especailly when they’re a year away and we’re aren’t even done with this season’s batch, but the early teaser for Man of Steel, from 300 director Zach Snyder, looks like nothing we’ve ever seen before…