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REVIEW: Fall Fashion Films to Watch

Gentle reader,

As Americans suffer in the grip of a scorching heat wave, the fashion world continues to impatiently push us toward autumn with the big, thick September issues of all the important magazines.  My first one arrived today.  There are so many ads at the front that it usually takes me about half an hour to find the table of contents so I’ve decided to skip it from now on and just start reading in the middle.  I probably won’t miss anything important; just some letters from the editors and finely printed apologies for fucking up some photo credit a couple of months ago.

I’m only too aware of how schizophrenic this inundation of fall/winter feels as I bounce between hiking the sunny canyons in just gym shorts and sunglasses one day and tracking down a rainbow-dyed Mongolian lamb hooded coat for a VIP client the next.  Let’s take it slow, then, and ease into the season with some autumnal fashion that you don’t even have to try on because you can watch it on you laptop.

All-male dance group Kazaky

Boys in Heels

After appearing last June at the DSquared2 Mens Summer collection, the all-male Ukrainian dance group Kazaky ventured deeper into the fashion world with a video released on YouTube yesterday directed by Inez & Vinoodh, with fashion by Lady Gaga’s stylist Nicola Formichetti.

Ciao, Diane!

“Wow! What an amazing honor!” was our first reaction on Facebook when we saw that there was an exhibition dedicated to Diane Pernet in Milan, which opened this weekend in conjunction with her A Shaded View on Fashion Film festival.

Desperately Seeking Relevance


by James Killough

As an aspiring narcissist, I’m not one for watching sports unless it’s something I’ve practiced myself, which limits me to swimming and boxing.  I am glued to the TV when the Olympics roll around for the former, and will watch the latter on the rare occasions I’m in a sports bar and it happens to be on.  The third sport I’ve participated in from time to time and play reasonably well is a good ol’ film industry smackdown, and none was more amusing to watch than the epistolary dustup between Mel Gibson and writer Joe Eszterhas this week.

It's not just because he works out at our gym, or because he bowed out of Tarantino's "Django Unchained." Gordon-Levitt stars in "Loopers," which from the trailer looks badass.

What happened is the highly overrated, long-standing joke Eszterhas—the screenwriter behind Basic Instinct, Flashdance and, most notoriously, Showgirls—mouthed off in a nine-page tell-all email to Gibson after Eszterhas’ script for The Untitled Maccabee Project was rejected by Warner Brothers.  Of course, he leaked the email to the press, most notably to The Wrap, an industry website that appears to have taken his side, presumably in the hope of getting all of those “exclusives” from Eszterhas, which kept popping up as alerts on my BlackBerry as the whole silly saga unfolded.

A Fashion Fairy’s Film Festival


by James Killough

Yes, overly alliterative titles are cheesy and fatty, but nonetheless delicious.

Since the beginning of this blog we have had tremendous support from Diane Pernet and her A Shaded View on Fashion blog.  I began a fiction piece for her, then stopped when I couldn’t figure out where I was going with it, and I have a massive rewrite on another novel to finish, so I can’t wrap my head around… oh, whatever.  They’re all just the usual writer’s excuses for underperforming.

Diane Pernet doesn't just have a view, she has a vision.

Diane has been developing her fashion film festival for a few years now, and it really seems to be hitting its stride, or strut, which would be more more apropos of fashion.  ASVOFFF will be held this year at the Pompidou Center during Paris fashion week, from October 7 to 9.  Check out the awesome trailer: