Girls On Film


by James Tuttle

Gentle reader,

Oh, shit!  I just saw a fucking Christmas commercial.  It had all the bells and whistles:  the sparkly white backgrounds, the tinkling music, a red faux-Valentino holiday gown and I think I even heard that jingle bell sound.  I’m now a little anxious that I haven’t yet started chipping away at my ridiculously long Christmas list but I’m going to take a few deep breaths and get back to this week, in which we haven’t even seen Halloween yet.

Smoking is always glamorous in an Ellen von Unwerth photo.

After the fabulous launch party at Beverly Hills’ Taschen bookstore for The Big Penis Book: 3D that basically put Pure Film Creative on the blogging map, I was determined to represent PFC at last Friday’s soirée for Fräulein, Ellen von Unwerth’s photographic study of sexy, fetishy femininity.  I felt quite pleased to have been invited to a party where it appeared that most guests had to shell out $1,000 for a beautifully produced 472-page monograph that included fifteen years of images of gorgeous women from Claudia Schiffer and Kate Moss to French First Lady Carla Bruni-Sarkozy and Christina Aguilera.