May the Power of Rock Compel You!


by Eric J Baker

If you’re like me – and you might be if you are the kind of person who reads Pure Film Creative – you have eclectic tastes in arts and entertainment that aren’t dictated by trends or popularity contests. Therefore, I am not going to say this: The Smoking Popes are the best band you never heard of.

The only scandal involving these Popes is that they aren’t more famous.

Never mind the irony of me saying you’ve never heard of something I already mentioned in the same sentence. I would not be so presumptuous as to write such a thing, because I resent articles with titles like “The Ten Best Movies You Have Never Seen” when I’ve actually seen most of them, and so on. I’m just going to say: The Smoking Popes are the best band that you are statistically unlikely to have encountered prior to reading this story, unless you forgot you own the Clueless soundtrack.