by James Killough

In one of the more shameless Hollywood publicity stunts, some genius in the marketing department at Fox Searchlight managed to convince Tina Brown to run a cover story about sex addiction in Newsweek-The Daily Beast in conjunction with the release of Steve McQueen’s ShameI’m sure Tina’s arm is still hurting from all the twisting it took to get her to agree to this.

14-year-old Moretz isn't as badass in "Hugo" as she is as the obscene bloodthirsty pubescent assassin in "Kick-Ass," but she is the most watchable face on the screen right now.

The article is, naturally, the top story right now on TDB, rather like how our own Mark Zuckerberg Has A Small Dick refuses to be dislodged from the PFC Top Ten six months after I wrote it.  Indeed, today it is number one.  This is rather annoying because I don’t consider it to be my best post by any means.  The reason for its high ranking is all the pervs out there—why do I keep imagining them to be Pakistani?—Google searching for ‘big penis.’