She Blinded Me with Science


by Eric J Baker

At least once a day I ask myself, “If Mahatma Gandhi were alive right now, how many Facebook friends would he have? Like, a billion?” You probably think about that kind of thing, too.

I’ll leave it to our blogmaster James Killough to discuss the intricacies of Indian culture, but I bet Gandhi would have been a social media whore if technology of the time had permitted. Hell, Gandhi could have ended British colonial rule with an iPhone and a LinkedIn account. Now, 63 years after his death, the human race is facing an epochal moment that would have made him proud, thanks to modern gadgetry that has given ordinary people a real voice. Just ask Bank of America.

Emanuelle Chriqui has no relevance to this post other than if Gandhi were alive, as a connoisseur of gorgeous babes he would have helped vote her to the top of's Most Desirable Women.

Ben Kingsley will probably never play her in a movie, but it took Los Angeles Art Gallery owner Kristen Christian only a month to organize a national bank bailout via Facebook, though this time, the 80,000+ people she has rallied are not bailing out the banks. They’re bailing out of them. Christian is encouraging people to show the big banks who’s boss by taking their business local en masse. She’s demonstrating what we all know intrinsically, and she’s doing it with a free Web site: There’s strength in numbers. Damn, and I thought eBay was the shit. Now we’re starting a revolution!