Pool Boys And Window Dressing


by James Tuttle 

Gentle reader,

It’s June in Los Angeles and that can mean only one thing.  That’s right, it’s Gay Pool Party Season!  This fascinating cultural phenomenon descends upon the city each year, raising funds for deserving charitable causes while providing an opportunity for fitness-obsessed homos to show off their abs when there are cameras around.  The Equality California party went down a couple of weeks ago and the LAGLC’s sold out Poolwatch party in Bel Air is where you’ll find me on Saturday afternoon.  As you probably know, this bunch is filled with early adopters so it’s a great time to witness the swimsuit trends that we covered a few weeks ago and to check out what the new ideal body looks like.

Well, you always have until next summer to look this good. Photo: Ohlalamag.com

Yes, you heard that right.  The body that we’re all working for has officially changed and, if you don’t believe it, just ask me.  We’ve now moved decidedly away from the bulky bodybuilder physique that still holds most of the fitness industry in its grasp.  It might seem odd that a stocky, bulging fireplug remains their ideal of male and even female fitness but the billions of dollars raked in each year by all the supplements, products, events and competitions that surround the bodybuilding business must make it hard for them to move on.  Recently, even popular fitness model Max Wettstein came out in a courageous interview about the steroids and fakery that his industry continues to encourage.