I'm Making a List


by James Tuttle | @TuttleMode

Gentle reader,

Aside from last week’s Christmas episode of Glee, which was on in the background as I was wrapping endless presents, there hasn’t been much time for TV in this hectic last week of work and shopping and cardio.  And I say “cardio” because the year I go home for Christmas and my mother doesn’t make a big deal about how horribly thin I am is the year I get liposuction.

Brazilians don't wear Santa hats. (Photos: Stewart Shining for Made in Brazil 4)

The shopping wasn’t too bad.  Scott was working so I singlehandedly braved the crowds at Los Angeles’ wildly popular shopping and entertainment epicenter The Grove on Sunday and got through almost my entire list in under two hours.  My tips on achieving this kind of shopping efficiency are: