The Welcome Demise of the Modern Misanthrope

“You walk in a room and hate everyone,” a Greek lover said to me a little while back. “You are misanthropos.” Seeing as we were lying in each other’s arms after a party I’d just thrown for a dozen or so friends, at first I didn’t know where he was getting that one from.  He couldn’t have read my earlier blog posts when I joked about being a modern misanthrope,

Imagining Lagerfeld: “There Is No Excuse for Fat.”

“This is absolutely ridiculous!” huffed my imaginary best friend Karl Lagerfeld when I conjured him up to meet me for a workout at Golds Gym Hollywood this afternoon.  I immediately thought he was pissed because of the outfit I’d dressed him in: little black tennis shorts, knee-high white socks, black patent leather Nike high tops, a tight white tee shirt with CHANEL emblazoned across the chest in black, and of course his signature black aviator sunglasses.

“Sorry,” I said.  “I thought you would feel comfortable like that.  Much more showy than a tracksuit.  Or is it too showy?”

Full Frontal Freedom

Pool Boy Politics [VIDEO]

First we were shocked, then very proud.  A friend in London pinged us on Facebook asking if we’d seen Full Frontal Freedom‘s video on YouTube, which turns One Direction’s regrettably hit song “What Makes You Beautiful” into a demand for Romney to disclose his tax returns.

Total Top 4 Masc Yngr Bttm


by James Killough

Everyone I’ve told this story to says I should blog it, and when everyone says you should do something you should consider doing it, unless you’re all very drunk in a karaoke bar and you have a voice like mine, in which case you should resist.  This story does make me look like a bit of a fool, but I don’t mind that from time to time: provided everyone has a laugh, it’s good to be the clown.

This model for the log-in page of Manhunt, Brian, used to work out at my gym in NYC.

People have also been telling me to date someone other than my current romantic interest, anybody other than my current romantic interest; not only does he live on the other side of the country, his behavior can most diplomatically be described as “erratic.”  As I’ve stated before, nobody should tell you whom to love, but at the same time you shouldn’t be deaf to nearly unanimous consensus, especially if you are a physically or mentally battered significant other.

Objects In Mirror


by James Killough

Now that we have this sort of informal alliance with Tuttle’s friends over at, as a content creation shop, PFC has to comment on the effect they are having on our readership.  In a nutshell, Alek and Steph, the primary photographers and editors of that site and a few others, including Bello Mag, are some very powerful homo sapiens.  A mere sentence about us in their “Linkalicious” section will send hundreds swarming to this site.

They have something like over fourteen thousand unique hits a day.  That’s called pimpin’ your blogs, yo.

I was lost in the mass of male pulchritude on Ohlalamag, then I found Benjamin Godfre and I thought, "I'd hit that".... no, I mean, "I want that body." For more pix of Godfre, click on the image.

I keep thinking how disappointed Ohlalamag readers must be when they find few semi-naked male models here, but rather these dense, dark, snarky essays, peppered with lots of grotesquely large penises, still by far our biggest draw.