M.I.A. in Versace

What Government Shutdown? Fashion News for 9 October

Gentle reader,

I was just packing a bag for a quick trip to Baltimore where we are having a short conference to learn more about our amazing anti-aging skincare line.  It’s only a couple of days so that means a pair of Cuccinelli trousers, jeans for traveling, some button-downs and a pair of brown Oxfords that will go with everything and a sweater because it’s raining… but that’s not what’s important right now.  The fact that I detected a bump by my upper lip is what’s important.  It’s probably just a tiny ingrown hair from shaving this morning but it’s going to look like a pimple and that’s not what you want to have on your face when you’re hanging out with a few thousand people who are all examining your skin.

Other than that and this annoying government shutdown business, you’d think that not much groundbreaking stuff is happening at the moment but, au contraire!,