Lucy on TV with Diamonds


by Eric J Baker

Living with an addict is crushing. Believe me, I know.

Addiction, America’s ugly secret, is sneaky. In the beginning, it hides behind a façade of normalcy and happiness. But, like an insidious disease, it spreads until the victim can think of nothing but the next fix. The people who care for her are spurned, for she has found her one true love. Though you are desperate to help, it’s too late. The addiction has rotted her from within and infiltrated your home. It is addiction on demand.

It is cop shows.

Lucy Liu, at home in her ice palace.

At least I can take solace that the cop-show addict in my home, the lovely Ms. Ahn, my wife, has discovered TNT’s Southland. In a televised sea of cardboard CSI characters unraveling too-clever murder plots and fluffy, witless network detective dramas that take no chances on upsetting advertisers, Southland brings true grit to the airwaves. You know what? I don’t mind joining her for a toot of that stuff.