Dude Looks Like a Lady… in Haute Couture.


by James Tuttle @TuttleMode

Gentle reader,

I’m glad you’re joining us.  It means that your eyes didn’t drop out of your head after witnessing the forty-eight hours of glittery fabulousness of the RuPaul’s Drag Race marathon over the weekend.  In anticipation of the show’s fourth season premiere, we got more sequins, wigs, feathers and size-fourteen hooker heels than we’ll ever need to see again.  Ever.

Jay Byers ain't no drag. (Photo: Rick Day)

Among the new crop of queens that we got to meet on Monday night there were some familiar archetypes like the bitchy, scarcastic Willam and the black divas Milan and Alisa Summers.  We also have the comic plus-sized Jiggly Caliente, the broke down Dida Ritz, and a couple of Puerto Ricans are always cast because they’re kind of crazy and have funny accents.  But what the fuck is up with these lame drag names?  Some of my dearest friends are quite famous female impersonators with wonderfully creative monikers like Holly Woodlawn and Bridget of Madison County.  The only cool name out of this bunch belongs to Sharon Needles but it seems a little too close to home for the rough whack-job that owns it, so I can’t really get on board.