A Farce of a Scandal


by @James_Killough

The French are all aflutter.  This is the first time in the memory of forever that a movie of theirs, one of the three great filmmaking nations (the other two being America and India), stands a chance of taking home the top honors at this year’s Academy Awards.  If you don’t know that the film in question is The Artist, then you live in a cave and need to call Plato to have your projector fixed.

Findlay plays the gravel-voiced Lady Sybil in the highly addictive "Downton Abbey." She's got everything it takes to move well beyond that series. (Ph: HungerTV.com)

The concern is over the teaser posters for another film starring Jean Dujardin, Les Infidèles, which is not some anti-American diatribe co-financed by the Islamic Republic of Iran; infidèles does not translate as “The Infidels,” but as “The Unfaithful.”  In a typically contradictory and capricious move, the governing body of French advertising, the ARPP, has ordered all of the posters taken down by the end of the week, calling them sexist and offensive to women.