REVIEW: ‘Elysium’ Kicks Ass, Then Sits on It

There were a couple of interesting films for me to review this week — Lovelace, which nearly starred Lindsay Lohan, and David Gordon Green’s Prince Avalanche — but I succumbed to the mighty blockbuster and saw Neill Blomkamp’s Elysium instead. (Side note: Am I the only one who thinks the past tense of succumb should be succame?)

I have a lot of time for writer-director Blomkamp ever since his inventive, hyperkinetic District 9 stomped onto the screen and blew everyone away,

Mireille Enos

‘The Killing’ and the Unlikely Rise of Mireille Enos

I’m an even bigger anomaly than the actress who is the subject of this article: I had absolutely no problem with the pacing of seasons one and two of AMC’s The Killing, which ambled along a staggering twenty-four episodes just to solve a single murder. While other TV wonks around the Internet were huffing ‘Good riddance!’ when the show was cancelled, I whimpered a little inside;

Kristen Stewart On The Road Premiere

Kristen Resurgent [WATCH]

We’ve never been Kristen Stewart bashers here at PFC.  On the contrary, since her smelly crotch monologue in Jake Scott’s Welcome to the Reillys we knew that behind that brooding expression was a burning desire to create great work.