Kung Fu Pansy


by James Killough

I know, PFC being a filmed content company and all, I should kick off the weekly recap with something about the Golden Globes.  I wrote a few paragraphs about the noms, but then I fell asleep on the delete button or something because when I woke up all those forced snarky paragraphs were blank.

20-year-old Woodley dances circles around George Clooney in "The Descendants." Hers is a seemingly effortless performance that only highlights the fact Clooney should really stick to comedy.

While I was sparing you a tirade about how bored I am with what’s on the screen these days, I believe I dreamed about the funniest thing I read this week: Keanu Reeves’ directorial debut, The Man From Tai Chi, is a go with Chinese financing.  This is presumably because no studio in town would touch it.