Fall Forward: Women’s Upcoming Trends, Pt. 1

Gentle reader,

Driving home from Beverly Hills yesterday, I passed a tall, skinny blond kid on the street wearing very short denim cut-offs, a horizontal striped crop top and a skanky Mickey Mouse ear-warmer hat thing.  He may have just been wandering around thinking it was still Gay Pride, but I took it as a sign that I’d been gone from these pages for too long.  If you, yourself, have recently committed any major fashion faux pas like wearing Uggs, sporting big Tory Burch logos or trying to pull off a dopey Pharrell hat while I was away, let’s just pretend it didn’t happen.  It’s partially my fault for leaving you alone for so long.

You see, I’ve been busy these past weeks pulling up some very deep roots in one venerable Italian fashion powerhouse and planting a seed at another. 

Dior Fashion Film

REVIEW: Fall Fashion Films to Watch

Gentle reader,

As Americans suffer in the grip of a scorching heat wave, the fashion world continues to impatiently push us toward autumn with the big, thick September issues of all the important magazines.  My first one arrived today.  There are so many ads at the front that it usually takes me about half an hour to find the table of contents so I’ve decided to skip it from now on and just start reading in the middle.  I probably won’t miss anything important; just some letters from the editors and finely printed apologies for fucking up some photo credit a couple of months ago.

I’m only too aware of how schizophrenic this inundation of fall/winter feels as I bounce between hiking the sunny canyons in just gym shorts and sunglasses one day and tracking down a rainbow-dyed Mongolian lamb hooded coat for a VIP client the next.  Let’s take it slow, then, and ease into the season with some autumnal fashion that you don’t even have to try on because you can watch it on you laptop.