Dying Is Easy. Comedy’s a Bitch.


by James Killough

We are developing a half-hour, single-camera comedy series for TV, so I’ve been doing research by finally watching Arrested Development, a show that ran for only three seasons with great critical acclaim but middling ratings on Fox.  It has garnered such a cult following since then—it has a nine-point-five rating out of ten on the IMDb, something I’ve never seen before—that the network has ordered another nine episodes with the original cast, which will lead up to a feature film to be released in 2013.

In the land of the venal, the one-eyed drunk is queen.

Arrested Development is very good, but it isn’t nine-point-five great.  I can only think that the inflated IMDb rating is obsessive fans clicking the ten-out-of-ten button over and over.

Quit While You’re Behind


by James Killough

I keep telling Baker and Tuttle that we’re moving away from this whole Marcus “Marcia” Bachmann gay thing, but then something pops up to keep it current, like my buddy Shawn Riegsecker sending me this wonderful YouTube vid yesterday:

I don't even know where Minnesota is exactly, but God I wish I'd been there for this.

If you are too lazy to watch the video (just click on the image above; I didn’t embed the video), it shows a bunch of gay neo-barbarians “glittering” Marcia’s ex-gay clinic in Minnesota.  For those who aren’t up to date on this, Marcia uses government money to try to brainwash Gheys via scalding enemas of self-hatred and magical thinking (a.k.a. religion) into denying who they really are.  What she is doing is so beyond outrageously offensive and borderline criminal that it needs to be hosed down with serious humor and satire, the only effective antidotes to the poison of evil intentions.