Total Top 4 Masc Yngr Bttm


by James Killough

Everyone I’ve told this story to says I should blog it, and when everyone says you should do something you should consider doing it, unless you’re all very drunk in a karaoke bar and you have a voice like mine, in which case you should resist.  This story does make me look like a bit of a fool, but I don’t mind that from time to time: provided everyone has a laugh, it’s good to be the clown.

This model for the log-in page of Manhunt, Brian, used to work out at my gym in NYC.

People have also been telling me to date someone other than my current romantic interest, anybody other than my current romantic interest; not only does he live on the other side of the country, his behavior can most diplomatically be described as “erratic.”  As I’ve stated before, nobody should tell you whom to love, but at the same time you shouldn’t be deaf to nearly unanimous consensus, especially if you are a physically or mentally battered significant other.

True Lies


by James Killough

The Occupy Wall Street movement was declared moribund by almost everyone at the beginning of the week, then it surged forward again, only to peter out by today.   It seems the surge is typical of people who are at the last stages before death, as the body fights the inevitable with whatever energy is left.  I’m still hopeful that the focus of OWS, however unfocused it is, will shift and they will take the show on the road, gain some snowball momentum, and then come back to the point of origin with a proper revolution.

I'm not usually into male models, but when our friends Alek and Steph at posted this pic of MMA fighter von Rothfelder, I almost fell off my chair. PFC Official Pledge: Adam, I will shave five years off my life for a no-holds-barred wild weekend with you.

Despite the fact I Photoshopped a great meme for him, which I had hoped would go viral on and then force him into action, Eliot Spitzer never showed up to save the day by parting Wall Street like the Red Sea and leading the Chosen Children of Discontent to a promised land of stricter financial regulation and accountability.  I haven’t seen anyone with true authority in OWS who can engage the authorities on a peer-to-peer level to get something done—Michael Moore is a buffoon and a whale, a talented whale, but a whale nonetheless.  What I am seeing is a lot of 23-year-old “leaders” of the OWS movement organizing demonstrations, which seem well managed and mobilized, but I’m not seeing the manifestos here, no declarations of rights and intents that can be worked into law and real change.  Revolt is an action. Discontent is just a mood.

We Own You, Marcia Bachmann

It would appear that we have called it right and that there is something not quite straight about the Marcus “Marcia” Bachmann story.  The ex-gay therapist, who would appear to be ex-gay himself, is being hounded all over the media, from Jon Stewart’s Daily Show to the Daily Beast, for his—how do we put this discreetly?—underperformance of the American performance of masculinity.  To put it indiscreetly, Marcia behaves like a screaming queen.

Sign language for “I’m a raging homo”: The fabulous wrist action of Marcia Bachmann.

However much you want to scrub “barbarian” Gheys* from the face of the planet, or at least from this Godly country, and pack us back to England and France, we still own you, Marcia Bachmann; you are clearly one of us and always will be.  Your ex-gay clinics are the sort of movement that is indirectly responsible for the viral bullying gay children are suffering in school, the beatings to death of your own kind, which is the preferred way to murder us.  Never mind.  You are forgiven.